Sonia Greenfield + Los Angeles Writer
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Sonia Greenfield was born in Peekskill, NY, and has lived in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and most recently, Minneapolis, where she shares her home with her son, husband, and two rescue dogs. She has worked as a college professor, bartender, television producer, barbershop shampoo assistant, and once appeared as a dating show contestant. She has a deep enthusiasm for dogs, children, dance parties, beaches, detective fiction, 80s New Wave, fussy bourbons, the NYT crossword puzzle and The New Yorker. An activist and political volunteer, Greenfield has been the director of The Southern California Poetry Festival and editor of Rise Up Review. She is also a former organizer of UW-Seattle MFA Prom from 2002-2004, because dressing fancy is fun even though most days now are spent in mom-jeans. She knows how to throw an amazing dog birthday party, complete with peanut butter cake and the neighborhood parrots as guests, and she can decorate a child’s birthday cake to look like a real aquarium populated with sharks. That’s four sheet cakes stacked. To-scale. Greenfield is tenderhearted and believes in the inherent goodness of humans while also understanding that they can convince themselves, through a series of mental acrobatics, that good is bad and vice versa. Above all, she believes that kindness is a neutralizer for many character flaws.